Sunday, 28 December 2014

5.11.14 Lecture in Kampala at 32 Degrees East - 'Non Objects and Thingness'

The journey to Kampala with Rocca Gutteridge (director of 32 Degrees East) was swift and enjoyable with plenty of discussion and debate along the way.  The car did not conk out either, so that was all good.

The talk was well received with plenty of questions, which carried on over a lunch provided by the art centre, which was welcome by all.  The tour around the art spaces was interesting using metal containers as studio spaces for fellows, visiting artists and some local artists.  The audience was drawn from the artists, students, curators and journalists associated with 32 Degrees East, along with Makerere University staff and British Council delegates.

After an ‘interesting’ drive with Fred to the airport, where l waited six hours, I arrived in the early hours of 6.11.14 to find my way around getting a ticket on the National Express coach to Bristol in the cold and fog!

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