Sunday, 28 December 2014

1.11.14 Re-grouping day

Yesterday couldn’t get hold of the storyteller, so David trying to get someone to get a message to him on foot – he is now out of mobile contact.  So Plan B was getting a few basketry items to take home as David had some business in town. Two were 20,000/- each and one was 25,000/-

Today it is raining hard and David not around so managed to do a few emails and type some more of the diary before the electricity went down again.  Looks like a day to myself – so until l can get back on the computer it looks like reading.

Interviewed Jacob for the workshop form but he really doesn’t have a lot to say about contemporary art in its broadest sense, however interesting to get his views.

Looks like someone from the British Council will come to the talk l will be giving on Wednesday at 32 Degrees East, Kampala.  Rocca the director has made a good poster using one of my images from the witch doctor’s basket of tricks/medicines for the website.

Eria, the other artist in residence, said the acronym for PhD was ‘permanent head damage’ which was amusing.  He is was thinking of going for a PhD, so l shared my experiences with him.

Electricity now out from 11am til 9 pm and still out! So reading more of ‘Giraffe’.

David turned up at the gallery at about 4.30 to 5 pm with some visitors from Pearl of Africa Safaris, who didn’t buy anything except a couple of sodas, so David had a bit of a wasted journey in some ways and he seemed a bit fed-up that he had to pay the petrol, although paid over time to come in.  He said he had to pay 80,000/- to get this cattle back from a neighbour who seemed to be blackmailing him – although it seems they tried to steal the cattle at least two nights on the trot before today and he didn’t do anything about it.  The dog is still missing and again he just thinks he will get another one – poor thing lonely, lost, unloved and unfed!  He is still not getting through to the storyteller and has in fact today lost the storyteller’s number!  Also suggested asking Buluka about the old graves and whether he has seen or knows about any that we can see, considering he is an elder of a village near here. 

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