Sunday, 28 December 2014

2.11.14 No electricity - Power and Darkness strikes again!

Electricity still out until approximately 2 pm when we switched on the generator and the actual electricity didn’t come on until about 4 pm!  Gave David 2,000/- for airtime to get hold of the storyteller again today.  Maybe able to go to the witch doctor in the morning and the storyteller in the afternoon if David can arrange it.  So that Tuesday is bronze pouring day and goat supper for all, along with Rocca paying us a visit to the foundry.

Today finished the ‘Giraffe’ book – so sad it was awful!  Later on typed up more diary.

The dove is still trapped in the sitting room from yesterday – Perlucy tried to catch it but it banged into the skylight again and looks poorly.  The bat came in for a while tonight again – spooky as it flies around in circles.

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