Sunday, 28 December 2014

4.11.14 Last Day and getting ready for pouring

Electricity is out again at the foundation house and we need to start the bronze pouring, so the furnace is going to take an age to fire up.  The founders have some sort of 1950s air pump device that they are taking it in turns to pump into the bottom of the furnace.  Then eventually the electricity came on and the electric fan could be put into action and then the pouring could commence properly and more quickly.  By the end of the evening it was ready to pour which was magical in the dark outside – real alchemy!  Then we sat down to our final goat supper with pilau rice and salad that Perlucy, Veronica and Jetrace made for us all, as my parting gift.

Had to wait for the investments to be cool enough to open and it wasn’t until late that the muramura leaf investment was opened and wire brushed clear of the grog and plaster to see what the result was.  Exciting!  The muramura leaves had come out well, so I am hoping the rest have come out too as we could only open one now before l leave very early in the morning for Kampala with Rocca and Eria to deliver my lecture and catch my flight back to the UK.

It later transpired that the yams and the muramura plant have come well but the smaller seed cases for the muramura circle are a bit dodgy…some bits have not come out.  Still waiting for some photographs to be sent to sort out the completion of this artwork 24.11.14 – Winnie has now got malaria and typhoid and Emmanuel has typhoid and David is on holiday, so the main team are out at the moment.

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