Tuesday, 23 December 2014

29.10.14 Colobus and Blue Monkeys in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Couldn’t believe the mountain l climbed yesterday….seems like a dream!

Left the Golden Monkey at 8 pm and took the muram roads back to Kasese which were nice as we went through Biwindi Impenetrable forest for a while and saw two blue monkeys and a family of colobus which were magic!  Also saw baboon and vervets on the way home through Queen Elizabeth Park although we weren’t actually in it or I would have had to have paid – a bit disappointed l didn’t see climbing lions though.  Saw a small snake wind across the road and a squashed monitor lizard, a Marshall eagle, crested eagle, hammerkops, franklins, and guinea fowl (helmeted).

Had a packed lunch by the side of the road which was more enjoyable than a  café in the little town of Kihiki – where Johnson picked up some rice from his aunt.  Really rained when we got back to Kasese – nice to be back and have a decent shower, see Perlucy and Drongo and have a usual salad and fruit.  The electricity is down again and has been off all night. 

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