Saturday, 6 December 2014

22.10.14 Asanairyi 'The Hunter"

This morning concentrated on casting.  Taking a wax from the yam mould, making another rubber mould from the second yam with rat teeth marks in it.  Then l took some photos of Asanairyi with the shrine he made for good hunting, using Bou-bou the dog as the ‘hunting dog’ – the bell on a collar that Asanairyi brought to the workshop did not fit the dog unfortunately.  It was important to him that in the photos Bou-bou was looking straight ahead, or at the ground ‘eating pieces of meat’, in this reconstruction.

The founders went for the funeral of the man who was hacked to death – decided not to go as it may have been more of the same, or even more sad, – l will find out more tomorrow.  Again they only went when it was time to actually put the body in the ground.

Finished the Joseph Conrad ‘Heart of Darkness’ novel and moved on to Ian McEwan’s book ‘Amsterdam’ today – nice to find time to read!

It sounds like the drums are pounding again tonight after the funeral.

Eria had his hair shaved off today after the casting yesterday – he looks OK with it but joked about the mosquitoes having more space to bite tonight!!!  Everyone is in stitches still about it.

Now more than eight holes in the bathroom roof, although did not hear any gnawing tonight or scuttling around by whatever is up there.

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