Saturday, 29 November 2014

5.10.14 Flight to Entebbe

Yesterday finished packing having flung everything at the suitcase for weeks.  Got to Heathrow in good time, but found it all a bit of a rabbit warren – now a ‘smart rat’ negotiating all the halls, levels, & gates.

The flight was good and sat next to a very nice man who was fourth generation Ugandan Asian, who said he had to flee in 1972 but the government later on asked them if they wanted to come back and reclaim their properties – so he did in 1992, although a lot of his family still live in Canada in the main.  He is a managing director for an electrical company, selling goods mainly.  He told me that the Ugandans were very friendly more so he thought than the Kenyans – so that’s a relief after my Nigerian trip which seems a much more volatile society.  

It sounded like a lot of the food was similar to Kenya, except perhaps grasshoppers and bats.

When we arrived at Entebbe we passed the Ebola check instigated by the Ugandan authorities, who were all masked up with rubber gloves and we had our hands sprayed before reaching this desk! All looked a bit scary! We also had the temperature gun pointed at our foreheads which looked like a cattle stunner! Then at passport control we had to put our finger prints on to a scanner and our eyes up to this ball camera.  The official reckoned those with Ebola would not reach that far when l commented on not sterilising the finger print machine!

Suitcase took ages but luckily the ‘Boma’ Hotel carrier waited for us all.  The surgeon and his dentist wife brought three trolley loads of luggage so the van was struggling!  The Boma Hotel is lovely but will see more of it in the morning.

Emmanuel is coming at 6am to pick me up also getting up at 5am tomorrow – it’s now 1.40 am!  Sleep now.

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