Sunday, 30 November 2014

11.10.14 Rain

Met Mubuta’s son who was carving a family tree type of sculpture out of very hard wood. This was of two lions at the bottom of a tree where the boys are escaping to but one of them make ‘not make it’!  He is very keen and has been sent to school by Claude and Rungwe and is doing well.

Worked up the yam idea further by going up to the gallery here, which is quiet and you can see into the distance, with my sketchbook.  Later the rain came across the valley which was very atmospheric.  It is still the rainy season here so quite a lot of rain from time to time.

David told me before work today he had to get his cattle back, as they had been ‘cattle rustled’, but a neighbour helped him to get them back – all in a days work!!

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