Sunday, 30 November 2014

10.10.14 Artwork and walk with Jacob to see the view of the Ruwenzoris

Internet terribly slow today.

Decided not to go to Kampala in the middle of the stay as it is too costly and could use the time so l will go at the end to give the lectures after all.

Concentrated on making artwork today – the circle of  seven muramura trees using seed bundles from the acacia trees. These will be mounted on columns (wood) and supported by clay earth mounds, about 3 cm in diameter. Decided on them being the same heights (23 cm) as this indicates the depth of relative burial and the maintenance of ground level.  It was suggested to save time to invest the clay bases directly with the fine grog which could then be picked out and dip the seeds in hot wax to invest the two together.

The second piece casting from yams will be done in rubber as l would like to play around with the idea of them looking like vessels or jugs which is a strange shape l haven’t seen before and the texture is rather appealing with concentric circles.  Did a few sketches to try out ideas.

Eria was making clay spoons today to cast into bronze, similar to the Welsh wishing spoons but they will have statements on them from the government constitution here, which he says people do not know enough about.

Jacob offered to take me up the steep hill behind the house early in the morning where Adolf saw a spitting cobra on one of his walks up there doing the security round with one of the dogs – Drongo or Boubou.

The founders have finished casting the bells and watched the pour, so they will be free to help with the casting of our work.

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