Sunday, 30 November 2014

17.10.14 Casting

Began investing with David but then he had to go and sort out his daughter’s school fees for the rest of the day, so started casting the yam using clay wall ready for the rubber tomorrow.

Eria was busy today getting his sculpture together for casting.

Rocca from 32 Degrees East confirmed the talk for the 5th.November so that was good.

Saw Soloman and he showed me the soars he had on his lips that looked like herpes but he sais it was one of the tail end signs of malaria!  Seem to have a similar thing going on in my mouth since yesterday, but have used TCP – a bit worrying.  Taking malarials anyway, and had it once before, but badly, so maybe l have built up some immunity hopefully.

A bat was flying around the sitting room tonight and then the kitchen which as not pleasant since the thought of the bat being a vector for Ebola!  Earwig on the bed!  The rainy season is not a good time for bugs!  

Jacob offered to take me up the smaller mountain early on Monday so l might go.  It would make a change and they seem to take the dogs most mornings.

It looks like the witch doctor is on the cards for Monday.

David reckons Uganda shillings are better than dollars to give as gifts s the dollars are sometimes difficult to change a) because of small denominations b) they might fold them by mistake which makes them worthless to change too and c) anything the banks can get away with in terms of not giving the full value will happen!  Corruption or what! 

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