Sunday, 30 November 2014

18.10.14 Adolf's family planning

David arrived at 10am & we carried on with making the rubber mould of the yam.  We needed to cast a separate patch for the bottom.  It is interesting to see how it is done here with the materials available.  Shallow edges were made to accommodate the ‘dogs’ and clay slip was used between the moulds.
It is the King of Bakonjo’s coronation tomorrow and there maybe some rehearsals of music and dance to go to today but David needs to make some armatures for Eria.
Read some of the Ugandan Guide book that Rungwe has here – it looks like rain gear for the Gorilla trip!  Kibale forest looks an interesting trip too with the chimps but lack of time and funds won’t permit this.

Adolf asked me about contraception this evening – he has seven children!! Quite funny as it was such a frank conversation!!

Eria seems to be racing on now and making lots of clay spoons with text on them from the Uganda Constitution (1995).

Rocca is coming to visit on 3rd.November with her parents but won’t be at the talk on the Wed. when l leave for UK.

Felt very tired this evening so l hope l haven’t got a malarial bug, as l have had a weird mouth lumpiness come up similar to Solomon’s lips – apparently this is a sign of malaria here!  Also felt a bit headachy and a bit dizzy, but maybe the heat.

Composed the questionnaire for witch doctor interview for Monday.

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